Barbados Animal Wildlife Reserve

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I have a very special place in my heart for animals! When I researched top activities in Barbados, I found that there is an Animal Wildlife Reserve on the island where animals roam free and you can see wild green monkeys. I had to check it out for myself! Upon pulling up to the parking lot, we were greeted by incredible banana leaf fields, countless rows of stunning palm trees and beautiful lush, tropical plants.
Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 12.28.54 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.06.00 PM.png
There were three green monkeys near the ticket counter when we arrived and after paying the entrance fee, we were given chopped up sweet potatoes to feed them. Six more monkeys joined us shortly after they realized food was present, including a couple baby ones.
I was absolutely amazed at how gentle and sweet the monkeys were that I wanted to take one home with me! They each had their own personality and many times they would hold my hand (or a finger) while eating directly out of my hand.
Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.59.47 AMScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 12.27.40 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.04.27 PM
We entered the grounds and started our journey walking small brick pathways throughout the reserve. There were tons of large tortoise which were easy to spot and although they’re known for being slow, they actually move pretty fast. While I was taking photos, one almost walked directly over my foot! Walking a little deeper, we discovered a mother deer feeding her baby!
Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.18.09 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.20.06 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.28.36 PMContinuing further into the reserve, we spotted a rabbit cage filled with beautiful white rabbits and a large male mare rabbit. There were also three large peacocks, one of which  opened their tail so you could see it’s gorgeous feathers! It was absolutely beautiful. It was really cool to see so many different animals living together within such a small space!
Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 12.29.49 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.21.15 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 12.40.13 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 12.32.39 PMI’m not a huge fan of snakes (hence the lack of photos on this one!) but there is also a separate area where you view several species of snakes in glass tanks along with a separate iguana cage. A reserve employee took a couple of the snakes out and allowed guests to hold them which was pretty cool if you’re into that. Next to the snakes were all types of tropical caged birds as well as a separate pool of caymans.
Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 12.30.29 PM
If you love animals as much as I do or want to see green monkeys up close and personal, I would highly suggest coming to visit the reserve during your stay in Barbados! Admission costs $30 BDS ($15 USD) for adults and $15 BDS ($7.50 USD) for children. Hours are from 10am to 5pm and it is recommended that you are there around 2pm as this is the animal feeding time so you are more likely to see many of the animals at this time. It was truly a magical experience and feeding the monkeys was definitely an experience to remember. It was so much better than viewing animals behind bars at the zoo!
Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 12.42.50 PM
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10 Ways to Increase Self Love & Happiness

Photo Feb 23, 8 10 37 AMIf there’s one thing I take to heart, it’s the fact that we should always be working towards being the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. Life isn’t easy. I have days when I wonder what I’m doing with my life and days where I don’t feel like getting out of bed. Other days I feel extremely accomplished, empowered and ready to take on the day!

It’s hard living in a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements telling us we’re not good enough, we aren’t pretty enough and that we need to buy things in order to be something we’re not. Our comparison of ourselves to photoshopped magazine covers, supermodels and celebrities over time can lead to insecurity, self doubt and ultimately self sabotage which is extremely unhealthy. It’s hard to be happy with yourself and the world around you if you’re not comfortable with who you and what you look like. I promise YOU ARE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

So how can you increase self love & happiness on a daily basis? Grab a journal and a pen!

#1 Ask yourself “What are 3 things I’m grateful for?” and write them down.

Gratitude is so important to be thankful with what you have in your life right NOW. It’s easy to get caught up with what we want for our future but those thoughts lead us away from the present moment.

It could be as simple as the gift of sight or the fact that the sun is shining today. Whether you’re grateful for a friend, a family member or a pet, we are so fortunate to have access to fresh water, nutritious food and have a roof over our head. There are many people in the world struggling each day to attain these three basic necessities.
In order to achieve daily happiness, we need to train ourselves to be happy with what we have in our life NOW because focusing on things we don’t have ultimately leads to unhappiness.
#2 Ask yourself “How do I want to feel today?” and write it down.
The first thing many of us do when we wake up is check our social media, open our email or turn on the news.
Make it a best practice to explore how you’re feeling instead, then decide how you actually WANT to feel. Setting intentions on how you want to feel first thing in the morning allows us to think positively about the day ahead. Any time you start feeling differently throughout the day, think back to the intentions you’ve set and align your mind to stay on track.
#3 Ask yourself “What are 3 things I love about myself?” and write them down.
This is my favorite exercise because it’s the most challenging one for me. It’s 100% ok to struggle with answering this question because we don’t take enough time to really appreciate our gifts, talents and beauty on a regular basis.
Really dig deep. What DO you love about yourself??
This can be physical attributes including the color of your eyes, your perfect manicure or the fact that your hair looks killer today.
It could also be your optimistic attitude, the fact that you’re an awesome cook or that you love your ability to save $100 each week. Whatever it is, it’s important to love the little things about yourself!
#4 Ask yourself “What do I want to accomplish today?” and write it down.
Did you know you are 80% more likely to accomplish a goal if you write it down? Goal setting is something I’m very passionate about. More about that HERE!
Life is short and we tend to stop chasing our dreams that older we get. We let other things take priority and forget to put ourselves first. It’s so important to create goals and stick to them! I keep a weekly planner that I update regularly and create daily tasks of what I want to accomplish or learn in order to help hold myself accountable.
We should accomplish at least ONE thing each day to help us feel like we’re moving forward in life. It could be booking a cycling class you’ve always wanted to try, attending a photography class to finally learn how to use your camera or booking a trip you’ve been wanting to take. The smallest of tasks can help you feel like you’re working towards something and constantly learning or growing. The more you do it, the better you’ll feel about your life purpose and direction, ultimately leading to increased happiness and self love.
#5 Choose a ‘Quote of the day’ & write it down.
The quote I choose largely depends on how I answer the above questions. You’ll tend to notice a theme in how you answer them based on how you’re feeling. I typically go to Google or Pinterest to search for a quote that speaks to me. When I find one I love, I simply jot it down and take 2 minutes to reflect on what it means to me before starting my day. Doing this provides feelings of empowerment, confidence and optimism.
#6 Write down the following & repeat them out loud to yourself in the mirror:
I am Beautiful.
I am Confident.
I am Unique.
I am Fearless.
I am Loved.
I am Amazing.
I am Perfect just the way I am.
We become our thoughts and what we tell ourselves each day. Writing down and repeating affirmations while looking in the mirror help us to see and speak to ourselves in a positive light. You’ll be surprised how much you actually start believing what you tell yourself every day if you do it consistently. We should ALWAYS be feeding our minds positive thoughts! The moment you consciously recognize a negative thought, dismiss it immediately and replace it with a positive one.
#7 Spoil yourself once a week!
Buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers, indulge in a cupcake at your favorite bakery or treat yourself to that pair of shoes you can’t stop thinking about. It’s important to treat yourself even when you’re on a tight budget. Something as small as a $3 cupcake a week can’t hurt and is a great way to treat yourself because you deserve it!
#8 Meditate
Meditation is SO good for the body and mind. Not only does it allow you to relax and remove yourself from a state of anxiety or stress, but it can help you look inwardly to reflect on your emotions and feelings. Sometimes it also uncovers issues or problems you didn’t even realize were there! Other times it can help heal your spirit and rejuvenate your soul. The more you meditate, the more you work on yourself. The more you work on yourself, the happier you will be! My favorite app is the CALM meditation app. It helps you reduce anxiety, sleep better and feel happier. I love it because it offers 10 minute meditations focused on different attributes including happiness, gratitude, calmness, stress, self-esteem and more. Give it a try! It’s honestly life changing.
#9 Take a break from social media
It’s so easy to get caught up in the “reality” of our peers or celebrities. Try to remember that MOSTLY everything you see on TV or on social media is NOT REAL LIFE. My instagram may be filled with beach photos and exotic vacations but I actually live in NYC and have a full time job just like most people! Yes, I get exhausted & have days where I don’t want to go to the gym or cook dinner but I’m a normal person and don’t go around jet setting the world.
Its easy to compare our lives to other people but truthfully we should only be comparing ourselves to where we were yesterday!
#10 Complete 1 small act of kindness a day
Buy a co-worker a coffee, give a homeless person your left overs, compliment a complete stranger. If you can consciously seek opportunities to complete a small act of kindness each day, you will begin to feel more humble and giving, thus opening yourself up for more self love and happiness.
I hope this helps you babes as much as it’s helped me. Let me know in the comments what you do to increase self love and happiness!

Isla Mujeres, Mexico: An Authentic Island Experience

Isla Mujeres, Mexico | Travel Guide | Moonlight Gypsy Blog | Bohemian Fashion Style & Travel Blog

Mexico is one of my absolute favorite international destinations. It’s extremely affordable, the food is incredible and the margaritas are tasty!  I’ve visited some of the most popular destinations in Mexico including Cabo, Cozumel, Acapulco, Tulum, and most recently Cancun. When I began researching day trips from Cancun, I had never heard of Isla Mujeres but was inspired to visit because of the colorful marketplaces, cliff side ocean views and gorgeous beaches. One of my favorite things about traveling in general is discovering lesser known places to explore because they tend to feel more authentic, untouched and less touristy.

Isla Mujeres is a tiny island that serves as the southern most top of Mexico. It’s 5 miles long and only 400 yards wide. This tiny gem is only a short 45 minute ferry ride from Cancun. Although small, the island depicts Mexico’s historic and rich culture of things to see, fun activities, friendly people, delicious food & some of the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever seen!

During my 4 day stay in Cancun, I took a day trip to explore Isla Mujeres. There are plenty of hotels on the island if you wish to spend more time there, but you can easily see the entire island in a day or two depending on your activities. I started my day adventure early in the morning from the JW Marriott Cancun by taxi to Playa Tortugus, one of the 3 marinas that take you over to Isla Mujeres. Accompanied by live musical entertainment, I enjoyed the sunshine at the top of the boat and the wind blowing in my hair.

The easiest way to get around the island is by a golf cart or scooter and you can easily save time by renting one on the ferry for pick up upon island arrival. If you decide visit during peak Summer months (May to August) be sure to either book a golf cart in advance or head to the island on the earliest ferry over in order to guarantee you’ll get one. There are only a select number of golf carts on the island given that it’s so small.

Upon arrival to the island, I was greeted by a bustling strip of restaurants, colorful markets and friendly island people. The energy surrounding the island was unlike anything I have experienced elsewhere and I was so excited to explore! Conveniently, I secured a golf cart on the ferry ride over and was able to take in all the culture and scenery without feeling rushed.
Photo Nov 17, 10 31 45 AM (1)
Photo Nov 17, 10 47 15 AMPhoto Nov 17, 10 43 26 AM
Photo Nov 17, 10 42 41 AMPhoto Nov 17, 10 46 13 AM
By the time I picked up my golf cart, I had worked up quite an appetite! I jumped in the golf cart and drove about 10 minutes from the main ferry port until I arrived at a cute little brunch spot called Barlito’s. Located at Marina Paraiso Hotel, Barlito’s is well known for their famous raison cinnamon rolls and fresh squeezed fruit juices. Since I couldn’t choose between watermelon and orange juice, I ordered both! The restaurant had a bunch of fresh fruit and you could actually watch the wait staff pick out your fruit and make your juice right there. It tasted so refreshing! The food was delicious and I would highly recommend coming here if you make the trek to the island. One thing to be aware of however, is that the iguana’s here love to join you on the patio while you eat. Although entertaining, a couple times they got a little too close for my personal comfort! The quaint and quiet hotel grounds were really fun to explore and it was nice to enjoy a meal among the palm trees and pool.
Photo Nov 17, 11 12 35 AMPhoto Nov 17, 11 13 19 AMPhoto Nov 17, 11 26 19 AMPhoto Nov 17, 11 43 35 AMPhoto Nov 17, 11 53 57 AMPhoto Nov 17, 12 17 58 PMPhoto Nov 17, 12 26 14 PMPhoto Nov 17, 12 21 50 PMAfter enjoying a beautiful breakfast, I jumped back into my golf cart to began my ride around the island. One thing I didn’t expect to see in Isla Mujeres were the number of charming, colorful walls and buildings along the drive which I couldn’t resist pulling over to take photos! Hot pink, bright yellow, sunset orange…these colorful walls and homes were so unique to the island and one of my favorite things about the visit. It was also really cool that the main road has some of the most stunning views of the Caribbean which made the trip that much more enjoyable. I would highly suggest spending time roaming around different streets and taking in all of the diverse architecture on the island.
Photo Nov 17, 12 55 07 PMPhoto Dec 16, 12 02 51 AMBecause Isla Mujeres is so small, every restaurant and bar on the island has a stunning view of the ocean. I ran into a unique spot place called Madera Food & Art which is an art gallery and restaurant. I enjoyed a tasty margarita while appreciating some of their on site art sculptures and prestine ocean views.
Photo Feb 23, 8 21 59 AMPhoto Feb 23, 8 25 32 AMPhoto Nov 17, 2 11 10 PMPhoto Feb 23, 8 10 37 AMPhoto Feb 23, 8 33 32 AMVWNot far from Madera, I ran across a local family who had set up a coconut stand on the side of the road. I ordered a fresh “coco frio” (cold coconut) to enjoy with a beautiful view much closer to the water. One of my absolute favorite things about visiting any tropical destination is picking up a fresh coconut to enjoy on the beach!
There’s truly nothing better than a stunning ocean view and cold coconut water straight out of a coconut. I took some time to really appreciate Mother Nature in this moment and felt so connected to the culture and energy of the island.
Photo Nov 17, 1 45 24 PMPhoto Feb 23, 8 01 37 AMPhoto Feb 23, 7 46 18 AMYou will know you’re half way around the island when you reach the ruins of Ixchel. Located at the southern most tip of the island, the Ixchel temple is one of the main Isla Mujeres destinations for tourists that comes with incredible Caribbean Ocean views. Although small, this portion of the island is very sacred to the Mayan culture and history of Isla Mujeres. You do have to pay to enter the ruins and to use the bathroom so make sure you bring enough cash to the island with you if you wish to see them up close!

If you crave adventure, your best bet is to book snorkeling or zip lining on Isla Mujeres at Garrafon Park. Because the island is far off the coast, Garrafon Park has some of the best snorkeling. If I would’ve had an extra day in Cancun I would’ve definitely come back to spend an entire day here! I would plan to spend at least 2 hours for snorkeling and 1 additional hour for zip lining. Other activities they offer include kayaking, bicycle tours, swimming with dolphins, relaxing in their outdoor swimming pool, lounging in hammocks and more.
Photo Feb 23, 7 15 29 AMAfter continuing along the road, I stopped at a colorful adults-only hotel called La Bella Villa. They had the cutest bar and patio area with a pool and a gorgeous view of the sea. I enjoyed another margarita and relaxed in one of the beach chairs out by the water enjoying the warm sun on my shoulders and listening to the waves crash on the beach below. How cute is this place?! It has awesome reviews on trip advisor so if you’re looking to book a night or two on the island, this is a great option.
Photo Feb 23, 9 04 14 AMPhoto Feb 23, 9 09 47 AMPhoto Nov 17, 3 26 12 PMPhoto Feb 23, 9 21 44 AMAfter several hours of exploring, I had worked up quite an appetite and all I could think about were tacos! (Can you blame me?!) I drove the golf cart back to the main area of the island and dropped it off to spend time exploring the marketplace and beach. I grabbed a table at La Cueva de la Cherna and ordered some of the most delicious nachos and tacos. This place is off the beach but is noted as one of the best taco places on the island. I would highly suggest eating here! Afterwards, I walked to the beach to watch one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever witnessed from the beach! The perfect end to a perfect day.
Photo Nov 17, 5 40 25 PM (1)Photo Nov 17, 5 45 57 PMPhoto Nov 17, 6 18 40 PMIf you do plan to spend a day exploring Isla Mujeres, be sure to check the ferry schedule and plan accordingly. I showed up to the marina 5 minutes AFTER the ferry left because I didn’t check beforehand and had to wait another hour before being able to head back to Cancun! Luckily I’m patience and easy going so I didn’t mind, but it’s always better to plan ahead!

#OOTD: The casual romper + the SECRET to living the life of your dreams

CHEERS TO 2108 BABES! I hope everyone is sticking to their New Year resolutions and looking forward to an incredible journey ahead. 2018 is going to be THE BEST YEAR YET! One of my absolute favorite quotes that radiates positive vibes in regards to new beginnings and moving forward that I want to share with you is “The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.”
If I could sum up my 2017 in one photo, the photo below would be the one. A moment of stillness. A moment of reflection. A moment in time of manifesting how I want my life to look moving forward while appreciating my life behind me. This snapshot represents my realization of what I am capable of accomplishing and who I am destined to be. How powerful and insanely beautiful is that??

Photo Nov 23, 2 17 14 PM
Do you take time for yourself to reflect? Do you take time to think about what you want? Do you take time to ASK the universe for what you want? Do you take time to map out the direction you want to move while taking into consideration your deepest hopes, desires and dreams? Life is about being the greatest version of yourself you can possibly be. It’s about creating who you WANT to be, NOT “discovering” who you are supposed to be. We’re only a week into the new year…it’s not too late to take time for yourself RIGHT NOW. So go grab a journal and a pen so you can start taking notes on how to life the best life imaginable!

The funny thing about life is that sometimes the people around you wont understand your journey or what the hell you’re doing. The beautiful thing about that though, is they simply don’t need to because it’s not THEIR journey. You and ONLY YOU are responsible for what you do with your life and there is absolutely no need to answer to anyone else. How else will you gain fulfillment if you don’t go after what YOU want?
I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Each chapter serves a purpose. So if any of you babes are struggling to get where you want to be or have absolutely no idea what direction you should be moving, JUST KEEP GOING. I know it’s easier said than done but the truth is, no one has ALL the answers even if it looks like they do. And you don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward…you just have to take the next small step!

ruins 3I’ve never really opened up about my personal life on my blog before, so for the sake of it being 2018, there’s a first time for everything! It was a really interesting year for me. I left sunny, warm Los Angeles after 14 months to move back to freezing cold New York City in the dead of winter for the sake of making my romantic relationship work and to support the person I love most in his career. That same person encouraged me to chase my dreams by launching my own online store, Moonlight Gypsy, which is something I had always wanted. I started blogging shortly after to support the launch of my store which quickly became the creative outlet in my life I had absolutely NO idea I had been missing all these years! It wasn’t until I traveled to BEAUTIFUL Turks & Caicos that I really began my journey of getting back into photography. I minored in photography in college but hadn’t picked up my DSLR in literally 8 years. It felt really damn good!
I started a new job at Victoria’s and couldn’t be happier continuing to work in digital eCommerce fashion.

Throughout the Summer I partnered with Kristin @ThePetitePearProject to shoot content for our blogs together. We shot some awesome photos all around NYC and I quickly realized I needed direction on how to actually monetize my blog. I had run across @PangeaDreams blogger retreats on instagram which are led by successful instagram influencers who teach you how to grow your social media presence and make money through brand and hotel collaborations. When I signed up to join Pangea Dreams in Tulum, Mexico I honestly had no idea what to expect. Little did I know, the retreat helped me realize I was on the right path but the best part was connecting with other like minded blogger babes that have similar goals as me.
(My blog post about my entire experience can be found HERE along with a 10% off promo code!)

Photo Dec 06, 12 12 43 AM_preview
Photo Dec 06, 12 10 57 AM_preview
…which brings me back to the lovely photo I mentioned above of me sitting alone on a giant cliff overlooking the Caribbean: the best representation of the most rewarding year of my life yet.
For me, 2017 was the first year in my 29 years where I feel like I finally figured out WHO I am and WHO I want to be moving forward. I realize now that anything is possible as long as you constantly remind yourself that nothing stands in your way unless you let it. You are your own cheerleader OR Debbie downer. It’s simply up to YOU to decide how you want your life to look and ultimately up to YOU to get there.
So what’s the SECRET to actually getting where you want to be?? You have to master the art of goal setting!

Did you know if you write down your goals on paper you are 80% more likely to ACHIEVE those goals? How amazing is that??
Our biggest hopes and dreams in life are NOT accomplished overnight. It takes HARD work, dedication and staying motivated each and every day. Goal selling is the one thing you can do to get organized and focused so you’re making daily and weekly progress towards getting what you want. One baby step in the right direction is better than no steps at all and the key is to set small,  MEASURABLE and SPECIFIC tasks to achieve those goals EACH WEEK.
Do you realize that spending 2 hours a day working towards a goal = 730 hours a YEAR = 30 full days (aka an ENTIRE month)?!

I’m choosing to share my personal goals for 2018 with you babes because I’m hoping it will help you brainstorm ideas of your own and inspire you to live the life you’ve always imagined. Hopefully it will encourage you to think about different ways to work towards toward achieving everything in your wildest dreams or at least spark some ideas!

Utilize a weekly planner! Every Monday I am dedicating time to create a “to-do” list for the week and hold myself accountable for what needs to get done starting with my biggest priorities. If I don’t get everything done, I re-add those “to-do” tasks to the following week.
Every day of the week I am choosing a specific category to spend 2 hours of my time focusing on after work. Remember that 2 hours a day = 730 hours A YEAR = an entire month! Tuesdays: Instagram strategy. Wednesday: Website updates. Thursday: Pinterest focus & inspiration.  Friday: Upcoming travel planning. Saturday: Blog focus. Sunday: Brand and hotel collaborations.
Research and attend blogger/influencer events in NYC to network with other travel babes! I am challenging myself to meet up with one NYC blogger babes OR while traveling once a month.
Two specific goals in this realm for me include a photography class to become an expert with my DSLR camera, take a light room class to learn new editing skills and eventually learn how to shoot and edit video content! anyone??
I struggle with staying in a consistent gym routine. (Which is ridiculous because my gym is only 32 floors below me so I have NO excuses!) After a long day at work and 2 hours of working on my website or blog each day I never really feel like going to the gym. I am holding myself accountable to do a 30 minute workout MINIMUM 4 days a week.
I am challenging myself each morning to journal 3 things I am grateful for and 3 things I love about myself while setting positive intentions for the day. I’m not a morning person so I know I’ll never be able to wake up early enough before work to meditate. (Clearly needs to be a goal for 2019!) BUT I am setting a goal to meditate on the weekends at home so I can at least get it in twice a week.
After being diagnosed with Grave’s Disease (hyperthyroidism), Epstein barr (chronic mono) and lyme disease this Summer, I was put on a holistic diet plan to cut out all dairy, all refined sugar, corn, gluten (aka most carbs) and high sugar fruits (aka my FAVORITE ones). My doctor also recommended that I stick to organic fruits and veggies, organic lean meats, grass fed beef and no fish other than wild caught Alaskan salmon. Crazy right? Throughout the process I found that I have a gluten sensitivity and am also sensitive to acidic foods and coffee (YIKES…my fav!!) I have no problem sticking to eating healthy throughout the week due to intense weekly meal prepping but I am allowing myself ONE cheat meal a week!! (In all seriousness though, who would ever think of tortilla chips and tacos as a cheat meal?!)

My biggest and most challenging goal of 2018 is to be more present and appreciate the moment. “Life is a journey, not a destination.” My favorite quote of all time, probably because this is something that I personally struggle with more than anything else in life. I’m a dreamer at heart and some days I sit in my office chair at work blinding staring at my computer screen wondering what the hell I’m doing with my life or dreaming about my next vacation adventure. I guess you could call it WANDERLUST but I know I’m not the only one who does that…And no one should ever feel bad for feeling this way. It’s part of our human nature.
Ultimately life is also a journey of figuring out who you WANT to be and I accept that right now I am not quite where I want to be. It’s just important to define what that person looks like and actively pave a clear road of how to get yourself there. This year I will make it my mantra to be present and enjoy the moment. “Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination, It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.”

So…Where do you see yourself this time next year? In 3 years? What about in 5?
Would you think more about it each day if you knew you only had 365 days left to live on this beautiful planet? How would you live your life differently than you do right now?

The time is NOW. What are you waiting for??

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#OOTD: Luxe Velvet & Flirty Florals

VWThere are moments when I’m shopping and I run across a GORGEOUS floral print I can’t pass up! Does this happen to anyone else???
This Summer I wrote a blog post on how to style two piece sets featuring my favorite floral Free People outfit I practically lived in ALL SUMMER. The skort bottoms (shorts that look like a skirt) were my go-to piece to mix and match the entire season. I paired these bottoms with all kinds of tops in my closet – graphic tees, my favorite chambray denim shirt, crop tops and bralettes. This skort was more than necessary for super hot days in NYC and is an absolute staple in my closet for vacation, just like my trip to Mexico in November. The best part about two piece sets is that they’re basically a two in one because you can wear the matching top with denim cut offs or jeans but you can also wear the entire look together.
back 2BACK
For those of you that don’t know, I work in site merchandising for Victoria’s Secret. This Fall we introduced a gorgeous luxe velvet bralette that I’ve been layering under sweaters because it’s the comfiest thing EVER and it’s also so beautifully designed with chantilly lace and a cut out back detail that’s to die for. It comes in 4 colors and it’s also a steal for only $34.50!!
Style details are at the bottom of this blog post!
Bralettes are one of my go to staple closet pieces, not just for Summer but for Fall and Winter months as well. They’re so easy to wear out as outwear with denim cut off shorts when it’s hot as hell outside but during colder months they’re super easy to layer. I love pairing this velvet lace bralette under off shoulder sweaters for peek-a-boo lace and also under my favorite flannel tee on days I don’t feel like wearing a bra. (Which happens more often than not!)
Photo Feb 23, 9 21 44 AM_previewMARGThis was definitely one of my favorite Mexico vacay looks (with my favorite accessory being a margarita of course!)

#OOTD: Seeing Stripes

I wrote a blog post back in Summer about one of my FAVORITE Summer trends: Two piece sets! So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw how warm it was going to be during my trip to Mexico in November and realized I could wear them again. (Despite the 40 degree weather in NYC…aka all of my shorts and sets shoved in a suitcase under my bed for the next 6 months).
I was ecstatic when I found this adorable two piece set from SheIn for only $13! The shorts are high waisted with a ruffle detail at the bottom and the top is breathable with a functional tie in the front. The fabric is so light weight and soft, PERFECT for the beach and for exploring the main hotel strip and market in Tulum, Mexico! I’m pretty sure I managed to get coconut gelato all over my #ootd via the second photo in front of this cute little turquoise tuk tuk. Regardless, it was SO WORTH IT!
Happy shopping babes!
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Fall 2017 Footwear Trends

bootieAccessories are EVERYTHING!! Whether it’s jewelry, hair accessories, footwear, or handbags, I love the beauty of being able to throw on accessories to complete any look and love that they can easily change the way an outfit looks altogether.

If there’s one accessory category that I could never live without, it’s definitely SHOES!! Ladies, you know what I mean. Guys just don’t understand and they probably never will. If I had to guess, I would bet that our love for shoes is most likely equivalent to a mans love for football. So while he’s watching sports, you can find me shopping for shoes! 😉

That said, today I’m sharing some of the most popular Fall footwear trends at the moment that will take you from a day at the office to a night out. The best part? Majority of the styles I’m sharing are under $100! Looking cute doesn’t have to break the bank babes! A lot of these looks are similar to high end designer brands that would normally cost you hundreds of dollars. I’ve also included some functional cold weather options under $200 that will keep you warm and cozy since Winter is right around the corner!

Loafers and mules are my favorite for the office! Not only are they super comfy (most have cushion for comfort) but there are so many options you can play with including velvet, fur, metallics and embroidery. My latest obsession are these adorable Steve Madden ‘Kaden’ loafers in velvet with fur because they’re a really cute version of the popular fur Gucci loafers for a tenth of the price!!
1. Topshop LUNA Bow Loafers $48
2. B.P. Kali Loafers from Nordstrom $59.95
3. Cape Robbin Embroidered Velvet Mules $34.99
4. Sole Society ‘Cammila’ Pointy Toe Loafers $79.95
5. Steve Madden ‘Kaden’ Velvet Fur Mules $89.95

OTK Boots
If you don’t own a pair of over the knee boots yet, BUY THEM NOW! You can thank me later. Not only will they keep you warmer than ankle boots as the temp starts dropping, but they offer an extra layer of warmth. I style my flat OTK boots with pants or leggings and a chunky sweater during the day and style my heeled OTK boots with a crop top, leather jacket and skirt when I’m going out on the weekends. My favorite thing about them is that they make me taller due to the height which is good since I’m only 5’3″!
1. JustFab ‘Tibbie’ Over The Knee Velvet Heeled Boots $74.95 but $42.95 for VIP members!
2. JustFab ‘Tibbie’ Embroidered Over The Knee Heeled Boots $74.95 but $42.95 for VIP members!
3. Marc Fisher Humor Over The Knee Boot at Macy’s $129 on sale for $64.50!
4. JustFab ‘Gale’ Over The Knee Peep Toe Boots $75.95 but $42.95 for VIP members!
5. JustFab ‘Kinsley’ Over The Knee Heeled Boots $84.95 but $46.95 for VIP members!

Booties booties booties!!! I literally live in booties during the Fall. They’re so easy to throw on and you can easily change the look of any outfit with a pair. I’ve been rocking these JustFab star booties since the beginning of Fall and decided that my next purchase is going to be a brocade printed pair like these Nasty Gal booties ($4) for Holiday parties!
1. JustFab ‘Jacinta’ Velvet Star Booties $59.95 ($39.95 for VIP members!)
2. Go Jane Precious Pearls Faux Suede Booties $33
3. Guess ‘Amary’ Patent Booties $
4. Nasty Gal Brocade Booties $70
5. JustFab ‘Jacinta’ Embroidered Booties $59.95 ($39.95 for VIP members!)

Living in NYC requires that you own good (and fashionable) sneaks! My walk to and from work is 20 minutes each way so the functionality and comfort is a huge factor for me. My favorites for Fall are these rose gold converse high tops (#1) and anything with velvet or fur!
It’s finally hitting 40 degrees this week in NYC so in the back of my mind I know WINTER IS COMING!!! I swear by Sorel brand ANYTHING if you’re looking for a cute pair of snow boots and recommend Sperry boots if you’re just looking for a waterproof pair. Both brands offer a really great assortment of all weather functional options and I promise you they’re worth spending the extra $$ on.

I ran across these super cute stripe EMU Australia slippers at Free People last week and am majorly obsessed! I would actually wear them outside during Summer. My go to for running errands or lounging around my apartment during the winter are these cozy Ugg slippers (#5) or anything Ugg in general. Even if they’re not considered as ‘cool’ as they used to be, they keep me warm and that’s all that matters when it’s almost zero degrees outside!

1. Sorel ‘Joan of Arc’ Winter Boots $179.95
2. Emu Australia ‘Wrenlette’ Slippers $59.95
3. JustFab ‘Winter’s Coming’ Fuzzies $59.95 ($44.95 for VIP members!)
4. Sperry ‘Syren’ Gulf Duck Boots at DSW $99.99
5. Ugg Alena Suede Slippers $120

Happy shoe shopping babes! I hope you have enough room in your closet for all these cuties!!

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Field 1
OCTOBER. The official kick off to the BEST time of year…the Holidays!
This is my favorite Fall month because it means apple picking, pumpkin patches and flannel, but mainly because it’s a nice reminder I won’t need a puffer coat for another few weeks. October makes the cooler weather bearable for me knowing that pumpkin spice lattes are finally back at Starbucks and family time is coming up in November and December!
Field 2
In the spirit of welcoming Fall, my boyfriend Ben and I took a weekend trip to Lititz, Pennsylvania to visit his family and meet their adorable new puppy, Leia! (If you follow me on Instagram you have definitely seen her on my Insta stories!)
Lititz is an cute, little town in the heart of Amish country with horses and farms for MILES. I love getting out of New York City to visit here because it reminds me how small I am compared to the giant world we live in and also how simple life really is. And trust me, you tend to forget when you live somewhere like Manhattan!
Railroad Tracks
We had beautiful weather so decided to explore Cherry Crest Adventure Farm where there are a ton of fun Fall activities for families including a giant pumpkin patch, a corn maze, petting zoo, apple shooting (out of huge cannons!), paint ball, go carts, sports activities and more. My favorite things about our trip to Cherry Crest were getting to pick my own pumpkins (the cutest ones most suitable for coffee table decor of course) and their AMAZING homemade Apple Cider Donuts!!
Pumpkin Picking Sunset
Pumpkin Picking Sunset 2
Apple Cider Donuts
My favorite little coffee shop on main street in downtown Lititz is Dosie Dough Bakery. They have some yummy homemade bread, sandwiches and bakery treats including gluten free options just for me! I cant wait to go back for Thanksgiving. Thinking I might do a shoot to show you guys more of what this cute little town has to offer!

Moonlight Gypsy Hat $24
Free People Trapeze Slip Dress $88
SheIn Floral Bomber Jacket $13
Brandy Melville Dress
JustFab Tapestry Booties
Kendra Scott “Sophia” Drop Earrings $50

Dosie Dough Coffee
Bran Door

Fall 2017 Trend Guide

PHOTO 1It’s officially Fall! Time for pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, scarves & boots!! I’m not mad about it.

Truthfully, I’ve been waiting as long as possible to write this blog post because I’ve been in denial over the fact that I now need to wear a jacket when I leave my apartment. BUT I just booked a flight to Tulum next month because I know my beach bum is going to need it to get me through the NYC Winter!


PHOTO 4With cooler weather brings new trends so I’m excited to share my 5 favorite trends of the Fall season with you along with 25 of my favorite Fall finds! The best part? They are all under $100! I repeat…ALL UNDER $100!! Some of these I recently purchased for myself and some of them I sell in my online boutique!

Are you ready?? Bring on cozy nights by the fireplace & hot cocoa!




Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the top trend for Fall is VELVET! I’m loving the dark rich jewel tones because I feel like they’re easier to style, plus deep wine and navy colors typically look great on everyone. If you’re looking to make more of a fashion statement, step out in emerald green velvet which is one of the hottest new colors for the season!
1. Cape Robbin Velvet Embroidered Mule ($34.95)
2. Victoria’s Secret Velvet Wicked Unlined Bra ($39.50)
3. 19 Cooper Ruffle Velvet Dress at Nordstrom ($89)
4. Moonlight Gypsy Velvet Quilted Shoulder Bag ($50)
5. Moonlight Gypsy Velvet Boho Headband ($16)

Check out my curated Moonlight Gypsy velvet shop HERE!

This is such a fun trend of Fall! I’ve seen everything from studs, embroidery and glitter stars on dresses, tops, footwear and accessories. It’s a fun way to add some character to your look and these are super easy items to pair with basics.
1. JustFab ‘Jacinta’ Star Booties ($59.95 but $39.95 if you’re a VIP member!)
2. Forever 21 Star Studded Mini Skirt ($19.90)
3. Moonlight Gypsy Moon & Star Choker Necklace ($18)
4. Nordstrom B.P. Mini Star Stud Faux Leather Backpack ($45)
5. Steve Madden Star Sneaker at DSW ($49.98)

I don’t consider myself a “sexy girl” but theres something about knee high boots that make me feel hot! Does anyone else feel that way?! Because I’m short, I feel like they make me look taller which is nice for someone so petite (I’m 5’3″!) I recently bought a pair of flat and heeled over the knee boots in black (of course…because that’s all we wear in NYC during the winter!)
1. JustFab ‘Tibbie’ Over The Knee Velvet Heeled Boot ($74.95 but $42.95 for VIP members!)
2. JustFab ‘Tibbie’ Embroidered Over The Knee Heeled Boot ($74.95 but $42.95 for VIP members!)
3. Marc Fisher Humor Over The Knee Boot at Macy’s ($129 on sale for $64.50!)
4. JustFab ‘Gale’ Over The Knee Peep Toe Boot $75.95 but $42.95 for VIP members!)
5. JustFab ‘Kinsley’ Over The Knee Heeled Boot ($84.95 but $46.95 for VIP members!)
P.s. Can you tell where I purchase most of my shoes from?!
Shop Moonlight Gypsy Crochet Leg Warmers to pair with your Fall boots HERE!

Embroidery has been trending for a while now but lately I’ve been obsessed with the mixture of embroidery on lace and mesh. Theres something about the combo of sheerness and floral designs that make me feel feminine and pretty! Pair any of these items with a leather skirt or pant and you’re good to go!
1. Zara Multicolored Lace Top ($24.90)
2. Moonlight Gypsy Embroidered Choker Necklace ($16)
3. Moonlight Gypsy Embroidered Flower Mesh Top ($32)
4. Moonlight Gypsy Embroidered Sweater ($58)
5. JustFab ‘Jacinta’ Embroidered Bootie ($59.95 but $39.50 for VIP members!)

There’s a lot of vintage & Parisian influence emerging lately in the fashion world which I am absolutely LOVING! I’m also not hating the fact that Coco Chanel probably had something to do with it. 😉
Pearls are feminine and elegant – plus, they add a girly finish to any outfit or accessory.
1. Moonlight Gypsy Pearl Ruffle Sleeve Sweater ($48)
2. Moonlight Gypsy Pearl Boho Flower Tie ($10)
3. Zara Pearl Sweater Dress ($49.90)
4. Moonlight Gypsy Pearl & Rhinestone Pom Pom Hat ($42)
5.  Go Jane Precious Pearls Faux Suede Booties ($33)

Happy Fall shopping babes! Stay might just see some of these pieces featured in the blog and on my @m00nlightgypsy Instagram within the next few weeks!

Cape Robbin Velvet Embroidered Mule $34.95
Zara Multicolored Lace Top $24.90
Zara Mid-Rise Pink Skinny Jeans $39.90
Zara Suede Biker Moto Jacket $89.90
Moonlight Gypsy Miami Beach Sunnies $16
Kendra Scott Earrings – Linked similar ones here!
Bucket Bag – Linked a similar one here!

Photography By: Kristin @thepetitepearproject
Location: Washington Mews, NYC

Brooklyn Diamond Coffee

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3
photo 5
photo 4In a world full of hate, CHOOSE LOVE. With all that’s going on in the world lately, it’s important to reflect & remember that we are all in this together. Life isn’t butterflies & rainbows for any of us…we are each fighting our own battles in this world. Lets lift each other up rather than tear each other down.

Location: Brooklyn Diamond Coffee
234 Lafeyette Street, SoHo NYC
Coffee Recommendation: New Orleans Style Cold Brew {With a splash of coconut milk!}

Click to Shop My Style:
Abercrombie & Fitch Camo Jacket $120
Moonlight Gypsy Embroidered Floral Mesh Top $32
Moonlight Gypsy Miami Beach Sunnies $16
Zara Skinny Jeans $39.90
JustFab Jacinta Star Booties $59.95 (But $39.95 if you’re a VIP member!)
Hermes Clic H Bracelet $600

Photography: Kristin @thepetitepearproject